Beograd Underground

E/RS 2012 Dirs: Muriel Buzarra, Carlos Lopez 65 min

“It all started back in 2008. in a very casual manner, we were shooting concerts, expos, parties… and were making interviews with people that we found interesting. Bit by bit, we realized that the material that we got could become something much bigger: a documentary about the alternative scene in Belgrade. As far as we knew, nobody had dealt that topic before. So in the winter 2009. we returned to Serbia with a second camera and continued shooting. Finally, in 2010. we finished the last stage of shooting and started editing.

What makes the difference between Serbia and many other countries, is the period of dictatorship and sanctions Serbia experienced in the ’90s. In that context of harsh restrictions and adverse circumstances, these artists were able to continue creating, even with more enthusiasm than ever before. Years of isolation and conflict have left profound effects on the counter-culture in Serbia. With this piece, we try to present the underground culture of the city of Belgrade during a period of transition in the first decade of the new millennium. But we’re not pretentious to show the whole scene by summarizing its complexity with general conclusions. We’ve collected the experiences of particular individuals who have dedicated their lives to the creation of one (sub)culture, very rich in its nuances, yet in a very precarious existence.” — Muriel Buzarra

October 9, 2016 | 20:00 | Lichtblick Kino