Baba Vanga (CZ)

Baba Vanga is a Prague-based label set up in 2013 by the people behind the Easterndaze project. During our travels in Central and Eastern Europe, from Gdansk to Skopje and beyond, we have met several amazing musicians and heard some great music. Baba Vanga, born after a long journey from Varna to Sofia, and named after a famous Bulgarian mystic, focuses on the idiosyncratic, the undefinable and uncategorisable.

Farbwechsel (HU)

Budapest based label releasing tapes and vinyl. Over the course of few years, the label has gained recognition and catapulted numerous local producers onto the global scene (Imre Kiss, S Olbricht, Alpar, Route 8, etc).

Future Nuggets (RO)

Portals Editions (DE)

Portals Editions is a Berlin based collective of sound/artists formed in 2014 who are committed to crafting limited edition releases from an international network of creators/destroyers. Marijn Degenaar, Yair Glotman, Nicolas Lefort, and Brandon Rosenbluth, also respectively known as Circular Ruins, KETEV, and Shaddah Tuum, had performed and collaborated together in a number of constellations, all connected through the underground music scene in Neukoelln and Kreuzberg, one which Brandon’s other collective, UnReaL, had actively had a hand in promoting for several years prior with their events, online magazine, and radio show.

Praxis (DE)

Praxis is an independent underground record label and datacide is a printed ‘magazine … from today and until then only available from the praxis shop in Berlin! Praxis is a label dedicated to experimental hardcore and radical breaks. Founded in 1992 by Christoph Fringeli in London, Praxis is now based in Berlin.

Sameheads (DE)

Sameheads is about unique fashion exploration, fringe music wig-outs, experimental showcases, exotic environments & personable atmospheres.

Trade (DE)

Trade is supposed to bring people, performers and DJs together united by music in a cozy place to stimulate encounter, eye-contact and shoulder-and-other-body-parts-rubbing.