KETEV is a project by sound artist and composer Yair Elazar Glotman, in which he explores the potential of contextual and structural transfers and sound processes. Personal archive recordings and tape loops that shift in and out of phase form the basis for his mantra-like patterns, which float above a deep sound scenery. His compositions layer abstract textures, shifting rhythmic patterns, and dogmatic forms. In KETEV’s compositional language, techno structures and abstract ambient music coexist, and create new territories for the sonic experience.

In addition to his KETEV work, Glotman is a sound artist developing installations and releasing electroacoustic compositions under his own name. He has released as part of various projects, including 2015’s solo contrabass album Etudes, and Nimbes together with James Ginzburg, both on Subtext, and expands his practice across media, context and forms.. His work flexibly changes frames between experimental music and sound art, club music and concert experience, and moves between the digital and analog possibilities of repetition and variation.