Tlaotlon is the alias of Jeremy Coubrough, an artist originally from New Zealand but now based in Berlin. With over a dozen releases and appearances over the last several years (on labels such as Baba Vanga, 1080p Collection, Dream Disc, Wasabi Tapes, Mmodemm, Weird Ear and his own World Memory) Tlaotlon pursues rhythmic and melodic assemblages that bypass the binaristic order of much electronic music.

“Tlaotlon reimagines the very idea of “dance” music” (Truants).

“Channelling this strobing beat-clash into one seething, blinding whole” (The Quietus).

“A fifth-dimensional Google Maps street view of where chaos and harmony meet” (Tiny Mix Tapes).

“Going so far with the energy, layering and imagination that the music becomes a different animal” (Adam Harper, for Dummy Magazine essay ‘Messy” Techno and the Resurgence of Musical Abstraction’).